[Column] We want to see JYJ as ‘Singer’

[Column] We want to see JYJ as ‘Singer’


[Written by In Gyu Bae, Oh My News]

Junsu Kim of JYJ is releasing a solo-album in May.
JYJ is the representative singer of Korean Wave as well as the star that so many fans are waiting for.
Furthermore, Junsu Kim is the one who has given such impression at the musical <Elisabeth>, as the roll of ‘Tod’.
His solo album is drawing a lot of attention, not only in Korea but also in other countries.

However, it is still yet to be known whether he can appear on music programmes of major broadcasting companies
with his solo album. So we can find that Junsu is having his first concert for 2 days from May 19 to May 20 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, right after releasing his album. And from May 27, he is having Asia Tour in six cities, starting from Taiwan.

Compared to the general custom that music programs are normally aired on weekends,
his weekend schedules are full of concerts.

Wounded fans by <Music Bank> that changes its words, who’s to blame? 

You all probably know that JYJ cannot appear on entertainment programs on major TV if you are a fan of JYJ.
Countless sudden cancellations have happened even though the casting was finalised.
They’d had a dispute regarding their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment while they were working as TVXQ
and made the new group named JYJ after this, but they have never appeared on music programs as ‘JYJ’
except only one stage that they sang OST[of SKK Scandal] at the end-of-year awards.

On May 2011, KBS 2TV <Music Bank> replied to a viewer demanding the reason why JYJ cannot appear on the program,
saying that “JYJ are not subject to put on our chart because they had not released their official album yet and their appearance would be decided after discussion with production staff of <Music Bank> and other entertainment programmes’ staff when they release an album in the future”.

However, this answer was changed when they actually released the first album in Korean.
When fans raised an objection to <Music Bank> that left out JYJ on its chart, it [Music Bank] brought up the issue of the lawsuit with SM Entertainment, the former management company.
The answer was changed that “the situation is changing as they release an official album and injunctions’ details are coming,
but the main lawsuit between SM and JYJ are still under process. Our stance that we postpone appearances of the celebrities’ under lawsuit and see how things go until the ruling of the lawsuit comes has not changed”.

According to the logic of <Music Bank>, Junsu Kim will not be able to appear on music programs because he is a member of JYJ even if he releases a solo album. He must have given great efforts to make the album, but his chance to meet public is lost because of this ‘lawsuit’ that no one knows when would be finished.

We want to see JYJ on music programs after overcoming such brutal history for 2 years after debut 

JYJ clearly have really high value as Korean-Wave Stars. Their world tour in Asia, North America like Canada and USA, European countries like Spain and Germany, South America such as Chile and Peru prove this fact.
However, we cannot see three of them singing on TV stages in Korea no matter how many times they appear
on other countries’ TV programs.
The thirst for JYJ’s ban on entertainment activities is only satisfied by their individual activities such as dramas or musicals.

JYJ cannot have proper activities in Japan too.
They used to be ranked on top of Oricon chart when they were TVXQ, but now it is difficult to just release an album under the name of JYJ. They expressed that “we only want to have any activities in Japan” at their concert that drew 80,000 audience in Japan for 2 days. People in Japan constantly want JYJ, but what is the reason that they do not actually make a call?

They did not commit drinking-drive, assault or smoking hashish.
Why do they have to have even more severe penalty than the people who caused such troubles in society, just because they stood on their own rights? Their wish is so simple – they want to sing their own songs on music programs just like other singers do. There is nothing more or less on this wish. It is also a wish of many fans in other countries too.

There are a lot of fans who want to see JYJ as a ‘singer’.
They demand JYJ’s appearances on music programs on-line and off line, promote JYJ by their own advertisement on buses
and other things, even make donation under the name of JYJ.
Many people want JYJ, but it is still not possible for them to appear on music programs.
It seems quite different compared with such grand publicity and advertisement expressing
how popular K-POP stars are in foreign countries.

Would Junsu Kim’s solo album be able to pull the trigger for JYJ’s appearance on music programs?
It has been 2 years since they started their activities as JYJ.
Now it is the time to stand tall on the stages of music programs, leaving this brutal history for all these years.

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