JYJ Jaejoong ‘The All-Round Player’ started his race

[NEWS] JYJ Jaejoong ‘The All-Round Player’ started a race

Original Link : http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20120514/46241431/3

JYJ Jaejoong’s steps are becoming quicker.
He literally seems to be extremely busy as he is working on a film and Drama at the same time for his next career,
having a fan-meeting event in Taiwan and starting working for JYJ’s new album.

Jaejoong is currently filming MBC weekend drama <Dr. Jin> which is due to be aired from May 26th.
He is playing an officer with the finest martial arts in the Joseon Dynasty. It is his plan to show wider range of character by appearing on fusion-historical drama for the first time so that he can break away from the image of an idol singer.

In addition to this, Jaejoong is going to start filming a movie <Jackal’s Coming> from the end of this month.
The Chumgmuro** is showing interests in his debut on screen as a role of popular singer on the movie. His performance is especially anticipated because it has been known that there would be some comical character in it.

He also going to fly to Taiwan for fan-meeting event on May 3rd during these busy schedules for the drama and film, and start working for JYJ’s new album around July and August.

“Jaejoong has been offered OST work for the drama and film too, and he is managing the schedules well without causing any setback.” explained C-JeS Entertainment, the management company.

(** Chumgmuro: It is a name of a district in Seoul, but also used as a proper name to describe film industry like ‘Hollywood’.)

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