[ENG Trans] Looking back JYJ’s ban on Broadcasting with Junsu Kim’s Solo Album

<Looking back JYJ’s ban on Broadcasting with Junsu Kim’s Solo Album>

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May 24, 2012

“It is really sad that the talented and competent artist is completely banned on TV.
I don’t know how long they will have to be shackled by those unfair restriction and pressure.”
These were the words from a fan who I met at Seoul Indoor Gymnasium on 20th, when Junsu Kim, a member of popular group JYJ, had his very first solo concert.

The other middle-aged female fan from Seoul also asked the same question –
“Does it make any sense that the representative star of Korean wave has no stage to perform even if he releases a solo-album?”. “I hope that not only Junsu but also all members of JYJ will be able to share their music with the public” she added.

Once again, plenty of complaints against music programs that seal JYJ’s appearance are all around.
It has especially become louder after Junsu Kim’s Concert.

Fans are reacting strongly against this suppression on many websites claiming that “Even though JYJ is one of the top artists in Korea in both talent and presence,
we cannot see JYJ on music programs. It is a great loss of entire Korean music industry”.

Junsu Kim also frankly admitted his limits and worries at the press conference of his album release, saying
“One of the biggest agonies which made me worry more than anything was that I had to make the album
based on the assumption that I would not be able to have activities in TV”.

Music programs’ boycott on JYJ’s appearance have become protracted now, and it is a common opinion of the industry that this manner of boycott is just out of question no matter how many times you think about.

The three members won the legal cases such as the injunction to terminate the validity of their exclusive contract and other cases in a row against SM Entertainment, the former management company.
People in this industry say that the current situation is the other proof that there is certain unreasonable power structure in broadcasting industry as JYJ’s music cannot be aired despite the fact that the court assured that they can have all kinds of activities including TV appearance.

The criticism that JYJ has been victimized by the power structure around entertainment and broadcasting industry seems to be very likely.

But, one thing you need to be aware is that the channels to share JYJ’s music have become more various and the influence from these channels is now becoming more influential than broadcasting while they were completely blocked from TV.

Their fandom has been expanded internationally and the members are heavily armed as they are showing their presence to the public in a wind range of genre – not only music but also acting and musical.

Actually the music video of Junsu Kim’s album title ‘Tarantallegra’ has become the talk in the news as it attracted plenty of viewers internationally as soon as it was released and made more than 3,000,000 hits on Youtube.
The album also proved his constant popularity after beating Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber [in Japan] as it was sold more than 100,000 copies on iTunes, Lakuten, Amazon in Japan.
This record is more valuable as he achieved this without any activities in Japan recently.

The chain of ban on JYJ’s appearance now has no legitimacy or persuasion force.
It is a shame that ‘neglecting’ JYJ like this seems to expose the corrupted relationship between Korean music and broadcasting industry to worldwide music industry.

It is too embarrassing as if the backwardness of K-Pop industry is laid bare in front of the Korean Wave fans.
In short words, it is a waste of Korean Wave.

Fans’ complaints and claims against broadcasting companies that put many restrictions on JYJ and still build up the great wall might be underestimated.
Or it might seem reckless just like beating your head against a brick wall.

However, the media who succumbed to the certain power must remember
– there are many possible ways to break the wall.
Even if it is difficult to break the wall, the ugly ‘stain'[of the industry] will be remained in the history forever.  

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19 thoughts on “[ENG Trans] Looking back JYJ’s ban on Broadcasting with Junsu Kim’s Solo Album

  1. the complain of the netizens were not news anymore! it really amaze me how powerful SME in KOREA! i’m really curious how did they do such work! it’s a shame! that they allow this kind of people manipulate them!

  2. JYJ is already knew it well… but they still work hard, even harder than people can emagine…since fans is always keep the faith….SME….just stop it!!!! it shows more that you are afraid…. for everything that you’ve done or gonna do…God not sleep….

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  16. Incredible, how could you even let anyone manipulate you like that?! I’m sorry, but we’re not in the Nazi period anymore, stop it all ready SM! Being the modern Hitler isn’t exactly something to be proud of. Even if this may seem like i’m exaggerating, this treatment towards your artists and former artists is just the same unfair deal.

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