[NEWS] JYJ spends 3.7 Billion KRW on JYJ Fan festival in return for fans

JYJ spends 3.7 Billion KRW on JYJ Fan festival in return for fans

June 14, 2012
Original Link:  http://news.nate.com/view/20120614n20917

 Total 3.7 billion KRW is spent on JYJ’s Fan Festival.

JYJ is holding ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ from June 28 for 4 days at SETEC, Hakyeoul Station. The festival is a big fan-service event with exhibitions and fan-meetings for members who joined JYJ membership of C-JeS.

 “3.7 billion KRW is allocated in total for the venue rental fee (SETEC), 3D Media Façade, Trick Arts, Fan meetings on June 30/July 01 and support for the fans coming from Japan”, explained JYJ’s staff.

The budge was arranged from the membership fee paid for JYJ official membership. Fans (who join the official membership) normally pay 15,000 KRW [abt 13.00USD] in Korea and 50,000 KRW [abt 43 USD] in Japan per 1 year duration. JYJ’s staff also explained that the event had been planned to give fans’ membership fees back to fans and they also intended to have this kind of event once a year in return of fans’ love for JYJ.

It is expected that about 25,000 fans (15,000 Korean JYJ membership fans, 7,024 Japanese JYJ membership fans and others) would visit the venue for the event. Especially the number of 7,024 fans coming from Japan is the highest foreigner-visiting-record in history.
Foreign fans are due to visit Korea by 116 aircrafts from 14 international airports in Japan (Haneda, Narita, Kansai and etc) and 3,500 rooms have been booked around not only Seoul but also Incheon and Suwon. These volumes are considered as big as a national occasion in Korea.

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