Junsu’s Tweet June 15 2012

Well I normally don’t ‘post’ our members’ tweet (just tweet with translation sometimes),
but this was really warm and great to see so wanted to share with you too.


[TRANS] Message received last night.. He[Jaejoong] must be even busier for his drama and movie,
but Jaejoong is kind enough to monitor and text me at this late night.
And I heard that Yuchun was so excited every time when I was mentioned during his interview and supportive for my album, praised and promoted ^^ I am so lucky to have them in the same group♥

 And the below is the capture Junsu tweeted, the text messages with Jaejoong 🙂
I just put some short translation on it.

*Hyung: a Korean appellation when a male calls someone(also male) who’s order than him.
**Motel: A kind of accommodation, less expensive than a hotel.

Well the original credit belongs to Junsu actually:), so just put translation credit if you want to move this.

Translation Credit : https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

**If you want move the post, you must give the credit and use the full contents.
Partial quotes or editing the contents are not allowed.  **

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