The decision of Lawsuit to verify Invalidity of the exclusive contract will be given on July 19

Probably almost everyone knows about this already, but just wanted to summarise for your understanding.
As I tweeted yesterday, the lawsuit to verify invalidity of the exclusive contract (between SME and Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu)’s last hearing was finished on June 19,

(Also see hear for basic information about the lawsuits around SME and JYJ)

The following schedules from the website of the supreme court show that the all hearings of the lawsuit were finally concluded, and Seoul Central District Court is going to give its decision on July 19.

I personally visited the court to see yesterday’s hearing, but it was not open public so could not entre.
(only limited staff and lawyers could attend)
So if you see any stories about the details of the hearing, IT’S A LIE Because no one could entre the court except both parties who directly involved in the case.

Anyway, Finally, At Last, the 3-year lawsuit is really about to be finished.

Have you known that SME is also really famous for losing all of their lawsuits so far in Korea?
Just like other cases and given the circumstances and other decisions by the court so far, it is expected to be another lost case.

But – This is a 1st trail at district court.
Korean law takes Dreiinstanzen system**, it is highly expected that SME would appeal against the final ruling just like they did for the lawsuits with other artists. Don’t forget that they are only interested in ‘how long it can be delayed’, not in the results of the losing game.
Well it is really clear that they’ve forgotten something never changes – Nothing lasts forever.

**Dreiinstanzen system: The legal system that people can have a trial 3 times per a case.
(EX: First trial at District court -> Second trail at Appeal court -> Final trial at the Supreme Court)

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One thought on “The decision of Lawsuit to verify Invalidity of the exclusive contract will be given on July 19

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