[NEWS] JYJ Junsu Kim’s USA Staff Highly Praise on his Top-Class Vocal ability

JYJ Junsu Kim’s USA Staff Highly Praise on his Top-Class Vocal ability 

August 02, 2012
Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20120802n21424

JYJ Junsu Kim delivered his comments about his recording of the new song and music video.

“Junsu visited Los Angeles for his new song with Bruce Automatic who is the composer of Sony Music, one of the world’s noted labels, and filmed his new music video with Marc Klasfeld”, added C-JeS Entertainment, the management agency of JYJ.

“Working in the U.S.A. is tricky, but enjoyable. The system was inspiring as it always makes an artist can think more about him/herself and deliver own feelings more”, the artist who worked with America’s best staff again 2 years after recording JYJ’s World Wide Album in 2010 explained.

He continued, “Especially, working with Bruce Automatic was so full of energy and I think the song was quite good. I was a little bit shy at the shooting of the music video as I had to act in front of a lot of American staff though”.

Bruce Automatic, the outstanding composer who formerly worked with Christina Aguilera, Wanted and Leona Lewis, highly praised on Junsu Kim’s vocal ability saying “I have worked with many artists so far, but Junsu is as competitive as that of any other top-class vocalists in the worlds”. “I would like to ask famous American artists to be warned about Junsu. His potential is already beyond America’s A-list artists. It was my pleasure to work with such great artist like Junsu and I am also willing to work with him in the future”, added Bruce Automatic.

Marc Klasfeld, the director of Junsu Kim’s music video also complimented on him, “Junsu is a man who thinks on his feet and the light in his eyes is beautiful. The shooting was really pleasant from the start to finish as he made the atmosphere of the set so delightful”.

Meanwhile, Junsu Kim is due to head to North America and European countries after the finale of his Asia Tour on Aug 08 in Hong Kong.

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