[NEWS] Who is the best ‘Acting-Idol’ selected by Drama Critics?

Who is the best ‘Acting-Idol’, selected by Critics?

Original Source: Kookmin Ilbo  http://news.nate.com/view/20120829n28588

Kookmin Ilbo carried out a survey targeting 10 drama critics on Aug 29, asking who has the most impressive acting ability among Acting-Dols (=Idol+Actor, a newly-coined word in Korea to call idol singers who has acting career). The critics recommended the top and 2nd places each. 2 and 1 points were given for each recommendation.

#No.1 is Yuchun Park, Eun-Ji Jung named the next rising star

The top-vote getter(9 points) was Yuchun Park, a 26-year-old member of the trio group JYJ.
He had a debut in 2010 ‘SKK Scandal(KBS2)’ and established acting career in ‘Miss Ripely(MBC)’ and ‘Rooftop Prince(SBS)’. He also showed off his presence as an actor at 2012 Seoul Drama Awards after named on the top of People’s Choice, voted by 4 million people around the worlds.

Eun-Ji Jung of A-Pink earned 8 points with her debut-drama ‘Recall 1977’ and took the 2nd place.
Su-Ji (Miss A) and Eun Jung (T-ARA) followed on the 3rd together.

#Critics’ comments on Yuchun Park

“He is one of a kind among Acting-Dols and does not have any controversy about acting ability.” – Seok Hee Jung
“He exactly knows what he can do the best in acting.” – Ina Yoon
“He has proper voice and vocalisation that an actor ought to have.” – Young Mi Lee

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