[NEWS] JYJ Jaejoong attends Busan International Film Festival with the film ‘Jackal’s Coming’

JYJ Jaejoong attends Busan International Film Festival with the film ‘Jackal’s Coming’

Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20120929n05295

Sep 29, 2012

Jaejoong Kim, a member of JYJ, is visiting Busan as an actor.

Jaejoong Kim is due to attend the 17th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) with Jihyo Song, the actress he starred in the film <Jackal’s Coming>(director: Hyung Jun Bae).

Jaejoong Kim and Jihyo Song, the actor and actress for the leading roles of <Jackal’s Coming>, will be having stage greeting event at BIFF Village at Haeundae, Busan and meeting movie fans on October 05.

 The movie <Jackal’s Coming> is a comedy movie telling an episode about that a clumsy female killer kidnaps a popular singer and tries to kill him with extraordinary way as she was ordered while the police is chasing them.

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[NEWS] Yuchun Park returns to Drama – cast in ‘I Miss You’ as a police detective

Yuchun Park returns to Drama – cast in <I Miss You> as a police detective

Sep 25, 2012
Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20120925n25073


JYJ Yuchun Park is coming back to drama, MBC WED/THU <I Miss You>, written by Hee Jeong Mun and directed by Jae Dong Lee.

C-Jes Entertainment, Yuchun Park’s management company, announced that “Yuchun Park has decided to take the role named ‘Jeong Woo Han’, the male leading role on the drama <I Miss You> which is due to be aired in November”, on its press release on Sep 25.

<I Miss You> is a melodrama of a love story about a man and woman who each has heart-broken past of their first-love when they were 15 years old.

Yuchun Park is taking the role of ‘Jeong Woo Han’, a cheerful and cool police detective at serious crime squad, chases criminals so wildly but still has such longing for one woman in his heart.

“Yuchun’s performance in acting has already been proven with previous dramas and he will do his best to give viewers a good performance with his solid skills and popularity that entertain viewers of all generations”, added C-JeS Entertainment.

The one of most influential Korean-wave stars had his acting debut in <SKK Scandl> in 2010, and had great career through <Miss Ripley> and <Rooftop Prince> which made his performance recognised in the area as well as had mass popular appeal.

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[NEWS] SM Entertainment’s suspicious affiliation management

SM Entertainment’s suspicious affiliation management

Sep 19, 2012

Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20120919n33888

No physical substance exists between Head Office and Seoul Office

[PIC: The building of ‘M Studio City’ which SM announced as its affiliate. SM said its main office is in Mungyeong, however, there was no such company in the building and its telephone number was put into A [Anonymous] Entertainment in Seoul.]

It has been discovered that SM Entertainment is doing business after setting a company with no physical substance, and the interest is now focused on its background.

SM clarified that the above company’s main office is on the city[Mungyeong] that the company does its business in. But, the suspect that it could be just a paper company was on the rise because there is no such company exists.

According to Mungyeong City Council and others on Sep 19, this company[SM’s affiliate] was selected as the choice to carry out Mungyeong Multi-Complex of Video Cultural and Tourism after making consortium with SM Entertainment and Pides Development in April.

The city has been pushing M City PFV that formed the Consortium for the plan of investment for fund raising for a number of times, but in worry as there has been no response at all. A staff of the City Council’s Project team explained that “If this situation continues for a long time, I have to say that there is a possibility that the project might be cancelled”.

In the worst case, the council is worried about a possibility that the project can be back to square one. SM was very aggressive to add an affiliate and form the consortium. Then what company this ‘M Studio City’ could be?

SM Entertainment said that M Studio City’s headquarter is located in Mungyeong and its branch is located in Seoul each, however, it has been confirmed that there are no such companies in reality. The telephone number of the main office was put through to A Entertainment in Seoul and there was no information available about M Studio City there. There are 2 signs for A Entertainment and M Studio City at the outside of A Entertainment’s office. It only can refer that the two companies might have connection somehow.

Of course, we only were able to find the above and there are no substances of the both companies. At this moment, another company is located in the space instead. A building staff was informed us that M Studio City had been in Munkyung as long as he knew, and he had no idea why its signboard is at the building. The building’s control office also knew nothing about the both companies.

We researched a little bit more, and found that a couple of staff used some desks in the office and withdrew after some business related to musicals, but it was not known why the two companies’ signs were at the same place.

“We found out this later as predecessor was in charge of everything. I’m just aware of that there is no big trouble for investment with 5 billion KRW of the capital”, said a staff at the city council.

We tried to contact SM Entertainment for a number of times to make enquiries about this situation and its affiliate M Studio City, but there has been no response despite that SM told us they would reply us after checks.

Currently, the business for this Multi-Complex of Video Cultural and Tourism has been postponed indefinitely. The council is now concerned about its outside confidence and image which were seriously damaged.


+) In short words after gathering some other facts, SM(M Studio City) and its consortium promised to invest about 2 trillion Won to make multi-complex in Mungyeong and made huge media promotion, but the company wasn’t committed to submit any actual plans for the fund raising so the project is now stopped currently, and there is no practical evidence whether M Studio City even exists. So the journalist suspects that SM made a paper company with no physical substances.  (Well, no surprise.)

I’m not really fond of translating these kinds of things related to #FuckSM as long as it is not about JYJ, but this article has been my timeline for a couple of days, but no one really seemed to know in ENG so I just did a quick work.

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[NEWS] SM and JYJ failed to reach agreement again – Dragged Out Again?

SM and JYJ failed to reach agreement again – Dragged Out Again?

Sep 18, 2012

 Original Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20120918n30515

SM Entertainment and the group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Junsu Kim and Yuchun Park) who have been in dispute regarding the exclusive contract of the Idol group TVXQ failed to find an agreement and remained as far apart as ever.

Seoul Central District Court Civil Department 47 held an arbitration date for JYJ’s exclusive contract dispute at Arbitration room #579 of Seoul Central District Court. The lawsuit was about to be ruled on Sep 13, but it was brought to arbitration by the court’s authority.

The court held an arbitration date for about an hour with Young Min Kim, the CEO of SM Entertainment, and the both parties’ lawyers in order to urge an agreement, however, the both parties turned back after finding their different stances again, having no results.

“There was no outcome at all”, said JYJ’s lawyer told StarNews, implying the arbitration was failed. He added that “We only set forth our own opinions in each stance. There was no change about the differences in opinions”.

The court again suggested the both parties to have a mutual agreement. But, it did not set any dates for next hearings, and suspended the verdict indefinitely in the manner of having enough time for agreements. Therefore, the lawsuit that has been dragged out for 3 years since 2009, not become lost in the mists without an end.

So far, there have been a number of arbitration dates since last May in order to try to reconcile their differences in opinion and the verdict date had been set soon, but the arbitration date was set after the court recommended the both parties’ mutual agreement.

JYJ filed an injunction saying “We would the court to terminate the validity of an unfair contract” in 2009, and SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit to clarify the validity of an exclusive contract in April 2010 after the court accepted the injunction. JYJ also filed a lawsuit to clarify the invalidity of an exclusive contract too. And the court rejected all injunctions filed by SM Entertainment (Objection against the injunction ruled in 2009 and an injunction to terminate the validity of an exclusive contract –between JYJ and C-JeS-.), confirming that the exclusive contract between SME and JYJ is invalid and JYJ’s independent activities are guaranteed as well as legally right.


To help your understandings:

– This is not about who wins the lawsuit, based on the fact that SM’s lawsuit (the above 2 lawsuits were proceeded at the same time) was finished before JYJ’s lawsuit. The result is already out – the contract between SM and JYJ is invalid. The main issue is now how much SM would have to pay JYJ as compensation for damages.

– ‘Suspend the verdict indefinitely’ means more like ‘urge an agreement by force, in details such as compensation for damages’.

– If the lawsuit is finished by the both parties mutual agreement: JYJ receives compensation for damages amounted by arbitration and the case would be finished without further verdict and the appeal/trial at the Supreme Court. (Arbitration results become the final)

– I cannot say further why the court keeps suggesting mutual agreements and feel absolutely disgusted. I can only guess that there is the president election in December in Korea, and the present season is easily effected by political manner as all personnel matters of officials would be changed after the election.  Some people say that Judges tend to very passive to make any verdicts during these times.

We all feel so angry but all we can do is stick together for JYJ even if it sounds depressing. Cheer Up everyone! For JYJ’s sake.

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[NEWS] “Not Possible” in domestic, “Welcome” abroad – JYJ’s Paradox

“Not Possible” in domestic, “Welcome” abroad – JYJ’s Paradox 

JoongAng Ilbo, Sep 14 2012
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[PIC: Idol Group JYJ – first Korean singer who had a concert in SanTiago, Chile on March 09. The group is exploring overseas markets since its activities in Korea have restrictions. From the Left: Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim. – Photo from C-JeS Entertainment]

The trio group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park, Junsu Kim) is unique. It is difficult to see the group in the country, but the group is doing remarkable activities abroad. The team toured in Spain, Germany, Chile and Peru and the member Junsu Kim had his solo concert in Mexico – all as the first Korean singers who ever had concerts in each country. Why is the atmosphere from inside and outside is so different? You may see an equation of Korean Pop industry’s power structure.

◆Aftermath of TVXQ Controversy?

[Junsu Kim who had solo concert in Mexico on Sep 6]

The three members of JYJ had their debut in the year of 2004 as the quintet TVXQ under SM Entertainment. TVXQ shortly stood at the top in Korean pop industry and had 100,000 members in its fan-club. In 2009, the three members moved to the present agency and formed JYJ after ‘application for injunction to terminate the validity of exclusive contract’ against SM, claiming that 13-year of exclusive contract was too long. The lawsuit with SM is still ongoing.

After this, they have had difficulties in album distribution, venue rental, TV appearances and other things. With tremendous number of album sales and popularity, the public has not seen them in any of music/entertainment programmes for the last 3 years at all.

For example, Yuchun Park appeared in ‘SKK Scandal(KBS)’ and ‘Rooftop Prince(SBS)’ as a leading role, but no one could see his face in entertainment programmes of the both broadcasters despite the fact that actors appearing in the same broadcaster’s entertainment programmes during their drama is an unwritten rule in order to promote dramas. Even in some cases, his appearances were flip-flopped after scheduling.

First, broadcasting companies’ stance is that ‘we cannot cast the singer under legal dispute’. However, JYJ insists that ‘Independent activities are guaranteed until the ruling of the lawsuit on the merits’. Some say that this situation is because of external pressure.

“I was concerned a lot about the present situation that I can be on TV only through dramas. But I decided that it would be better to do something I can do the best, (knowing promotion would be difficult) released a solo album in May”, said Junsu Kim at the press conference in Mexico. His music video of the title song ‘Tarantallegra’ which cost him half a billion Won to make, has never once been aired.

JYJ looked overseas instead. The group betted on overseas stages with the fandom they established since TVXQ.

◆Idol’s new market

The Group JYJ has done..

The atmosphere at Junsu Kim’s Solo Concert at Blackberry Auditorio in Mexico City, Mexico on Sep 6 was just boiling. The concert was the part of his North/South American tour followed from New York and Los Angeles. 3,000 fans were shouting his name and ‘I Love You, Junsu!’ in Korean and sung ‘Besame Mucho(Kiss me much)’ together. Fans were all sung along his latest Korean lyrics such as ‘Set Me Free’. Junsu Kim is due to continue European Tour in the second-half of this year. JYJ also toured in 15 cities from the last year to the first-half of this year and met 210,000 fans around the world.

Paradoxically speaking, the restriction in Korea domestic has become the other way into the new steps. The agency says South American tours are deficit as they are too far from Korea, but it explains that “In the manner of investment, we are trying to go anywhere as long as fans are there”.

“JYJ’s case is a condensable example of the fact that the practical power belongs to management companies, the capital itself under this idol producing system, although the popularity is earned by an idol member”, Jakga Kim, the pop-music critic commented. He continued, “JYJ showed the possibility that an idol group CAN survive by themselves, not depend on the cartel which acts on collusion with management companies and broadcasting companies”.

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<Newspaper Image on JoongAng Ilbo, one of the most famous newspaper in Korea>

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