JYJ’s Donation History 2010-2011

– JYJ donated 30 million KRW to World Vision from the profit of ‘JYJ Showcase in Seoul’ , 2010 Debut Showcase for the album  <The Beginning>.
The money was spent on construction for toilets and  sanitary facilities at Kakanda Elementary School in Congo. The members also became sponsors for children in need.

[PIC: World Vision’s newsletter introducing JYJ’s donation in 2010 showcase]

– JYJ donated 600 million KRW to World Vision Japan for the victims of Japanese earthquake in MAR 2010.
This amount was the total amount that World Vision Japan set as  its targeted emergence relief fund and JYJ solely donated this targeted fund in full so that the money could be spent on the  damaged districts as soon as possible. The shelter for the people who lost their houses was constructed with this donated money in order to safe their residence for 2 years until the damaged districts’ rebuild. The remaining money was spent on emergency relief plans and rebuild of the damaged districts.

[PIC: JYJ’s message for Japan in Mar 2010 and World Vision Japan’s thanks to JYJ]

– JYJ held Charity Concert in Jun 2011 and decided to donate ‘radiation monitoring equipment’ for schools in Soma city at Hukusima (the most damaged district).
This equipment is the latest model used by US Army,  approved by Ministry of Defense, mobile, can be used for 24 hours and its power lasts for 10 years. 500 detectors were delivered initially and 500 more detectors were delivered to other close distict. The total price used to purchase the equipment was estimated about 560 million KRW. Therefore JYJ approximately donated about 1.2 billion KRW in total for the victims of the earthquake and radiation leak in Japan.

[PIC: Charity Concert’s promoter ZAK Cooperation’s report for donation]

– JYJ also held ‘Unforgettable Live in Japan 2011] in Oct 2011, and donated about 4 million JPY (approx 56 million KRW) from the profit from ticket sales to the governor’s of Ibaraki for relief fund.

(Promoter ZAK Cooperation’s report for donation http://bbs3.telzone.daum.net/gaia/do/starzone/detail/read?bbsId=S000001&articleId=11289983&objCate1=96&forceTalkro=T )

– JYJ donated 200 million KRW for Thailand’s flood damage in Nov 2011.

– JYJ, JiHyo Song, Yuhwan Park proceeded a donation project called ‘Mango Tree Project’ and accomplished 25 million KRW with people who took part in the project, and about 2,000 mango trees apple trees were delivered to Sudan.

**Fans’ donations were not included as it’s soooo many. XD. Like the artist, Like the fans!**
**only donation in 2010-2011 are included. I shall try to add more yearly, so please let me know if I forgot something more**


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  2. Yes, there’s no doubt about it. These boys are a menace to S. Korean society. Luckily for the moms and pops and all their music crazed kiddies though, fine organizations full of the powers-that-be in the music business like the KFPCAI and KEPA are keeping them safe from having to view these three ambitious rebels on TV or hear them on radio. What would happen if the young people in SK started to emulate them after watching one of their seemingly innocent performances?? The well respected tradition of TAKING so lovingly fostered by the music moguls could very well be fatally undermined and replaced by… ugh!… thoughts of GIVING. Perish the thought.

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