Jaejoong’s letter for Indonesia Fan-meeting (ENG Translated)

Hello, fans in Indonesia.

This is my first time to have fan-meeting in Indonesia, but I’m talking to you by this letter, not with my own voice. First of all, I don’t know what to say how much I’m sorry.

My voice had suddenly failed me on the day before I came to here so I was really afraid, scared and so worried what I’d say to you.. I am sorry because I should talk a lot, laugh/cry and song together with you. But I decided to come to be with you on a closer distance and make good memories as much as I feel sorry. It might be less than you expected without a lot of talks and songs, but it would be really appreciated if you could understand.

I haven’t come to here often but really would like to thank you for loving and supporting me and JYJ all the time beyond our sight in such far distance. Aren’t I such a happy man, sitting on this place? ^^

It’s been a long time to write this kind of letter. The situation is very bad as I cannot speak well, but I guess we’ll be happy with feeling sorry and thankful because we care and love each other.

I’ll do my best to show you better me in the future, for ‘us’ – me and you that are so precious so that you can smile more that you have done so far.

It might be hard, but hope we will make the best time with our own way today.


Original: Jaejoong’s letter in handwriting

Translated and Summarised by

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+)Wish his good condition on JYJ Facebook too!


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