[JYJ News in Brief] 07 NOV 2012

JYJ News in Brief – 07 NOV 2012 


Jaejoong says hello to everyone on JYJ Official Facebook!

JJ’s message:
“Thank you for your concern and support.
See you in Vietnam! I love you!”

(Jaejoong Pic updated on JYJ Facebook)

Please wish his good health on Facebook. 😄


Yuchun’s 3rd Drama ‘I Miss You’ 1st EP is due to be aired tonight on MBC! (NOV 7)
(Actually it’s being aired at this very moment here in Korea -still youth part-.)

Good Luck! Can’t wait to see him again.


Anyang City announced a charity match for celebration of the city’s own football club [Anyang FC]. Junsu’s FC MEN is going to play for the charity match and the profit will be donated.
The match is at 14:00, on Nov 17.


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