[JYJ News in Brief] 07 NOV 2012

JYJ News in Brief – 07 NOV 2012 


Jaejoong says hello to everyone on JYJ Official Facebook!

JJ’s message:
“Thank you for your concern and support.
See you in Vietnam! I love you!”

(Jaejoong Pic updated on JYJ Facebook)

Please wish his good health on Facebook. XD


Yuchun’s 3rd Drama ‘I Miss You’ 1st EP is due to be aired tonight on MBC! (NOV 7)
(Actually it’s being aired at this very moment here in Korea -still youth part-.)

Good Luck! Can’t wait to see him again.


Anyang City announced a charity match for celebration of the city’s own football club [Anyang FC]. Junsu’s FC MEN is going to play for the charity match and the profit will be donated.
The match is at 14:00, on Nov 17.


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