[NEWS] C-JeS Wins a lawsuit filed by Asia Bridge Contents in 2010

C-JeS Wins a lawsuit filed by Asia Bridge Contents in 2010

NOV 24, 2012

Original Link : http://news.nate.com/view/20121124n02682

JYJ’s management company faced a lawsuit regarding refund of 1 billion KRW of production cost filed by an album distributing company, but the court found in JYJ management’s favour.

On 24th NOV, Seoul Central District Court Civil Department 36 (Chief Prosecuting Attorney: Hyo Chae JUNG) ruled against the plaintiff, Asia Bridge Contents, who is the album distributing company filed the lawsuit. The company filed a lawsuit against C-JeS Entertainment, insisting that C-JeS has to refund production cost and share profits

Asia Bridge Contents paid 1 billion KRW to the company ‘K’, who made album production contract together with C-JeS in APR 2010. And the following SEP, it filed a lawsuit insisting ‘They[K Company] hasn’t paid back the money paid in advance and C-JeS is also bound to joint responsibility to refund money paid because it was a contract of partnership to co-produce the album with ‘K’.

However, the court judged that “K Company was just invested the amount prepaid independently from the plaintiff in order to fulfill its financial obligation agreed with C-JeS, such as production cost”. It also added, “This can be acknowledged that a member of partners owed a debt to fulfill his/her financial obligation for the copartner, therefore the money is K Company’s personal debt. Thus, Asia Bridge Content’s claim insisting its money prepaid is debt of the partnership cannot be recognized”.

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