[NEWS] JYJ Yuchun Park & Jaejoong Kim Awarded at MBC Drama Awards

JYJ Yuchun Park & Jaejoong Kim Awarded at MBC Drama Awards

DEC 30, 2012


Yuchun Park and Jaejoong Kim the members of the group JYJ, shared a pleasure of awards together at 2012 MBC Drama Awards.

The award was held at MBC Broadcasting Centre, Seoul on DEC 30, Yuchun Park attended as an actor of <I Miss You> and Jaejoong Kim came with <Dr. Jin>.

Jaejoong Kim won the Best Newcomer in Male Actor. “My parents are here and I’m so nervous. This is an award that an actor can only receive once-in-a-lifetime and I have this award. I’ll do my best to show better acting in the future. I became to think ‘I seriously want to do acting’ during <Dr. Jin>. There are so many people I want to thank, but it seems to be endless if I begin. I just would like to say great thanks for JYJ members – Yuchun who is with me today and Junsu”, commented Jaejoong Kim.

Yuchun Park won Excellence Awards as a male actor with <I Miss You> which has been aired currently. It was especially special as Jaejoong Kim came to the stage as the presenter for his award. Before he called the winner, he added “He’s personally my favourite actor”.

Yuchun Park commented, “Thank you very much and I’m delighted as my family is here together. The drama is ongoing at the moment and I hope all will give supports until the end. There has been a lot of things happened and I feel great as I finished this year with this good news. I’ll do my best as always”.

Yuchun Park debuted in drama with KBS <SKK Scandal> in 2010 and Jaejoong Kim had his debut in SBS <Protect the Boss> successfully.

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