[NEWS] Jaejoong Kim Sweeps 9 Countries Charts as a Rocker

[NEWS] Jaejoong Kim Sweeps 9 Countries Charts as a Rocker

JAN 09, 2013


Jaejoong Kim’s new song ‘One Kiss’ conquered Asia on the 1st day of release.


He pre-released ‘One Kiss’ for his first solo mini-album in JAN 08. The song swept domestic chart straight away, and remarkably went on the TOP of iTunes charts in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam too.

It is highly anticipated as he is showing off his talent as a rocker for the album. ‘One Kiss’ stands out with his sweet/powerful voice with strong sounds that powerfully combined.

The song ranked on the top in 9 international countries including the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia’s iTunes Rock-Chart.

The solo artist’s first mini-album is due to be released on JAN 17 and also ranked on the top on the pre-order charts of Tower Records the biggest album seller in Japan, HMV and Amazon too. The all seats of his solo concert ‘Your, My and Mine’, scheduled on JAN 26 and 27, have been sold out too.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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