[NEWS] JYJ to release its album around Summer

JYJ to release its album around Summer 

JAN 25, 2013



The group is working for the songs to release the new album in 2 years after Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu have focused on individual activities since its album <In Heaven> in 2011.

The three achieved remarkable performance in their individual activities last year. Jaejoong Kim showed his presence by his drama <Dr. Jin>, film <Code Name : Jackal> and the 1st solo album < I >. Yuchun Park swept end-of-year drama awards with his drama <Rooftop Prince> and <I Miss You>. Junsu Kim also won the Best Actor for a Leading Role at 2012 Korean Musical Awards, and proved himself as No.1 ticket-selling actor with <Tears of Heaven> and <Elisabeth>.

This year seems to be the group’s activities by riding the momentum gained from the achievement that raised JYJ’s own brand equity.

Meanwhile, the members’ individual activities are in a row for a while. Jaejoong Kim is heading to his Asia Tour after the concert with fan-meeting event in KINTEX, Ilsan, on JAN 26 ~ JAN 27. Yuchun Park is on the moves for CF and fan-meeting after the drama <I Miss You>, and Junsu Kim is having break-time and working for the new songs at the moment.

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11 thoughts on “[NEWS] JYJ to release its album around Summer

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  3. Junsu is working on new songs? This is the second best news I’ve heard all day! This is what an artist does. He continually writes and records – that’s how he gets better and Junsu is already a terrific songwriter. I can’t WAIT to hear what he comes up with next.

    First best news o’ the day was the Bloomberg graph I saw of SM’s continued stock plunge.



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