[NEWS] Jaejoong Kim Releases Repackage Album ‘Y’ on FEB 26

[NEWS] Jaejoong Kim Releases Repackage Album ‘Y’ on FEB 26

FEB 7, 2013

Jaejoong Kim of the group JYJ is releasing a repackage album ‘Y’ on FEB 26, following his first solo album, announced by C-JeS Entertainment.

Repackage album includes the dance song <Only Love> that he showed at his concert on FEB 26/27 and one more song together with previous 5 songs on ‘I’ which was released on FEB 17.

<Only Love> is dubstep genre and Jaejoong Kim’s own song [Translator’s note: Jaejoong said that he worked with Flowsik for the song at his concert]. He gained huge popularity with his solo album by sweeping the top place of Korea’s Hanteo Chart (Realtime, Daily, Weekly No.1), Billboard’s World Album Chart (No.2), Taiwan and Japan album chart(No.1).

“120,000 copies of his first edition was sold out right after its release, and additional 20,000 copies were also sold out in one week so we are working on the additional copies again”, explained C-JeS Entertainment.

The pre-order for his repackage album is available from FEB 13.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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