[NEWS] JYJ Kicks off for Japan? Japanese Labels under the table

[NEWS] JYJ Kicks off for Japan? Japanese Label under the table

FEB 14, 2013


JYJ is known to be seeking for partner to resumes its activities in Japan.

According to some Japanese news media, JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu) has been offered by several Japanese time-honoured record labels’ after winning the long-lasted lawsuit against AVEX in Jan 2013.


“K-POP’s popularity is getting into stagnation now in Japan, but JYJ has lucrative factors with strong fan-base, and considered as an attractive team because it can draw a lot of audience to its live stages”, a Japanese news source reported.

A staff related to Japanese music industry hinted that “I’m personally aware of that some big companies are trying to get the group, but heard there’s one record label is almost favoured at the moment”.

C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ, also gave positive answer to us, eNEWS, by saying “It is true that we are actively discussing with Japanese companies, but at the moment we are thoroughly reviewing and negotiating in order to build a relationship on trust” on the phone.

On 18th Feb, Tokyo District Court in Japan ordered AVEX, one of the biggest label in Japan, not to insist on its exclusive management right in Japan. It also ruled that AVEX shall pay 660 million YEN (approx 7.8 billion KRW) to C-JeS Entertainment as compensation for damage as well as a million YEN (approx 10 million KRW) to the CEO of C-JeS Entertainment for libel.

JYJ also finished the lawsuit for exclusive contract with SM Entertainment in NOV 2011.

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