[NEWS] JYJ Donated the group’s payment of the ambassador to UNICEF

JYJ Donated the group’s payment of the ambassador to UNICEF

FEB 27, 2013



The Korean Wave Star JYJ donated all of its payment received for an honorary ambassador of Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2012 (KBEE 2012) to UNICEF Korea.

JYJ actively did its job as the ambassador of KBEE, held in November 2012 in Osaka, for mutual exchange and business corporation between Korea and Japan.

It also drew a lot of attention as a business cooperative icon after that the group attended ‘UNICEF Awoo Campaign’ in October at KORTA Head Office and also attended the opening ceremony of the expo itself in Osaka.

Especially all of the members were awarded commendation from the Minister of knowledge and Economy for their sincere activities as the ambassador while they were working for very busy schedules of dramas and world tour. It is a rare case that contemporary artists receive commendation from a minister.

“It was our pleasure to be at the place of meaningful moment of cooperation between Korea and Japan by KBEE last year and now we would like to have a change to think about neighbors in hands. With this donation to UNICEF, we wanted to give some comfort for a lot of children in starvation all over the world”, said Jaejoong Kim, the member of JYJ,

Dong Eun Park, the president of UNICEF Korea also added that “JYJ delivered a meaning of sharing to many fans in the worlds as they took part in our Awoo Campaign while there were busy with the duties as the state’s ambassador, and we were surprised that they donated all if their payment earned from such activities (for ambassador of KBEE). We believe that their precious hearts will give more warmness for this cold society”.

JYJ will deliver the donated money to UNICEF at 2 p.m at the Korean Committee for UNICEF on Mar 05. Jaejoong Kim will attend to deliver in person at the ceremony as the representative of JYJ.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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