[NEWS] What does it take to become JYJ’s Japanese Agency?

What does it take to become JYJ’s Japanese Agency?

MAR 11, 2013



JYJ, who is under progress to resume the group’s activities in Japan with its Tokyo Dome Concert in early April, explains certain conditions for its new Japanese partner.

“There’ve constantly been offers from companies in Japan since the lawsuit against AVEX was finished. Some suggest multibillion-won contract”, commented by a JYJ’s staff.

JYJ won the lawsuit against AVEX, its former Japanese management in JAN.
Tokyo District Court ordered AVEX to pay 660 million Yen (approx 7.8 billion Won) and not to insist on its exclusive right for JYJ’s management. Since JYJ’s activity became free to resume, the group has become the desirable artists by Japanese companies.

JYJ’s staff made clear the conditions to make new partnership in Japan – “The most important thing we consider is trust. We once had unilateral termination of contract by one-side, so it is really important for the group to have an agency who can be trusted for a long time”. “Also considering Japan’s entertainment industry’s characteristic, the scale and credibility acknowledged by the industry are also important consideration we are looking for, because it’s impossible to ignore agency’s influence over the industry”, the staff added.

It has also become crucial to understand JYJ’s way of activities if you want to be the new partner –  “JYJ is focusing on making high-quality contents, not doing something to raise the group’s awareness [like new singers]. We need to have a partner who can support this type of activities. Especially, the most important thing required is that it must fully guarantee JYJ members’ decision-making rights”, explained by the group’s staff.

They also consider how strong the partner’s will of overcoming hurdles in front of the group. As AVEX is preparing an appeal, the group is looking for a partnership who can deal with its legal action. C-JeS added that “As our activities in Japan are not completely free, we need to be prepared together”.

On the last comment, they explained that “JYJ is thoroughly caring for its contents not only in Korea but also in Japan. The group doesn’t want to sell MDs thoughtlessly only for visible profits. The all three members have improved their talents and contents by musicals, dramas and career from solo-singer. Therefore, the contract amount is also important factor too”. However, the company spared its words for detailed amount and other things.

It is expected that JYJ would decided new Japanese agency around the time of Tokyo Dome Concerts scheduled from April 2nd  to 4th.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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