[Interview]“Wanna show that time is nothing to JYJ” – Jaejoong Kim Interview in Shanghai

“Wanna show that time is nothing to JYJ” – Jaejoong Kim Interview in Shanghai

Mar 18, 2013



JYJ Jaejoong, currently started career as a solo-singer, expressed his everlasting affection for his fellow members.

On Mar 17, his press conference with Korean media was held at Marriot Hotel Shanghai, before the Asia Tour ‘Your, My and Mine’. He commented that there is no good thing to be alone. “The first thing Junsu said to me after coming back from his [solo] world tour was ‘I was almost dead of loneliness’, and now I feel a little bit lonely too”, said Jaejoong Kim.

“For example, we normally become to think that ‘I shall do my best for this on my own’ when we work for a kind of different career such as acting or musicals. I say to myself that I should overcome loneliness. However, I’m not used to have my own time for music career as I was always with my members [as a singer]. So it made me a little bit lonely.”

He especially empathised the difference between three and one on the stage. “When we are three on the stage, we share audience’s attention. But it is a nervous thing to be alone because the all of audience’s eyes are fixed on every single thing I do”, he continued, “Sometimes I need to do up my zip or undo tangled necklace during performance. Normally I can leave the stage in the other members’ care and deal with my stuff, but it became impossible to deal with when I’m alone on the stage”.

“Well, one thing is funny – We move a lot on the stage to show ourselves equally to fans in venues, and I now move less than when we are three. Instead of it, it is difficult because I need to sing for all alone”, Jaejoong added.

“Junsu complains a lot saying my songs have too high notes. I don’t know why but my own songs tend to reach high notes. I have to admit that I intentionally wrote them, considering that people usually feel excited when they listen high notes. But it became difficult because now I feel that it’s difficult as I have to sing all parts by myself (laugh)”


“The year of 2012 for individual career made us to know the meaning of the each other to JYJ”

It’s been 10 years since JYJ had debut. Jaejoong commented that “I don’t feel that the time’s been so long. When I looked back, I think there were so many things happened and we did really many things too”, he expressed that he soon forgets after other people remind him of 10th year – means it has not hit him yet.

With the question asking what the most pleasant moment during the activities so far, he first mentioned about the last year when all of three members did their own individual activities. Actually people saw them as an individual than the group together. Yuchun made certain position as an actor after few dramas, Junsu focused on musicals and solo album and Jaejoong also did both acting and music.

“It became a kind of rare occasion to meet the members except there were the schedules of all three together. And, momentarily awkward moments came up between us and I think we all felt the same thing – and that we were craving to be together and I can’t be completed without the other two (laugh)”.

Thanks to this, it made their friendship stronger. Jaejoong looked back on the past and said with a smile that “Yuchun didn’t tend to answer the phone well and Junsu wasn’t the type to phone first. But now we just can’t bear to stay without keeping in touch as we realised how much each other mean to us”. He said that ‘when he realised the meaning of the other two members’ was the most pleasant moment in 10 years. And the opposite was the time he momentarily forgot about it. It was enough answer to estimate the depth of his affection for the members. 

Like the above, the members of JYJ are always in his future plans. At the end of the press conference, he explained that “Many people ask us a lot whether we want to have activities in their countries when we have concerts abroad, and it’s certainly on our minds too”. He clarified that the group wants to have various activities in China, Thailand and Japan. The one thing bothers him seems to be time. “We have so much things to do”.


“I think our biggest hurdle is time. We still feel like we are early 20’s. There are so many things we want to do and achieve but time just flies and changes. Our job is to make the public amused and satisfied, but the public also grows older. So I guess that we must conquer the time. The right answer for this would be that we do our best more and show better things so that the time feels powerless to us. “

Meanwhile, Jaejoong continued his Asia Tour ‘Your, My and Mine’ in Bangkok in Feb, Shanghai on Mar 18 after the concert in Jan in Ilsan, Korea. He is due to have further tour in Hong Kong in Mar 24, Nanjing (China) on Apr 6 and Taiwan on Apr 13.


Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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