[Tokyo Dome Concert Review] About Starting Again that Bewitched 150,000 Audience

[Tokyo Dome Concert Review]
About Starting Again that Bewitched 150,000 Audience

APR 05, 2013


The venue with 50,000 seats was a full house. Some seats did not seem to be proper seats, but all of them were occupied without an exception. The red ocean beautifully flew at the last day of ‘The Return of the JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim)’, that the group’s Tokyo Dome Concert in 3 years.

It is now a familiar factor in Korea that Japanese artists also feel honoured to have a concert at Tokyo Dome. And the Korean artist who has not been able to have any activities on any media such as TV, radio and newspaper made 150,000 seats for 3 days sold out despite the fact that the group had 3-year gap.

As JYJ always shows off its unshakable live with outstanding performance, the all three members just exploded their charms as a group and grabbed the audience’s attention with strong opening, ‘Ayyy Girl’ and ‘Be The One’ from the first World-Wild album.

Yuchun Park explained his feelings at the press conference before the concert, “I remember that we cried a lot with the staff here after the Tokyo Dome Concert three years ago(2009). I did not expect that it’d take this long to be here again. We are so happy to come back to Tokyo Dome again”.

The each different attraction even more shined at individual stages. Junsu Kim showed ‘Breath’, ‘Lullaby’ from his solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ with intensity and softness. While he was singing Ayaka’s ‘みんな空の下’ with the lyrics “I’m not afraid of anything cause I crossed many hurdles over and over again. You’re not alone”, the dome went solemn for a while and some fans wiped their tears.

Yuchun Park sang ‘Friend’ of Anzenchitai, ‘Old Song’ of Dong-Ryul Kim and his new own song that he revealed for the first time at this Tokyo Dome concert. The new song is a brit-pop genre with fresh feelings of Spring and his unique detailed emotion. It could be one of the signature song of Spring.

Jaejoong heated the stage with ‘Mine’ from his fierce solo album ‘Y(& I)’ early this year. JYJ also put ‘In Heaven’ on the stage as a start (of group stage) after 5 songs of Jaejoong and Junsu, 4 songs of Yuchun, ‘Boy’s Letter(the song written for fans)’, ‘You’re’ and ‘Found You’ with car parade.

JYJ also touched the fans’ emotion with perfect harmony of ‘Rainy Blue’, the song they sang in the past stage of JYJ in Japan.

Before the finale, Jaejoong left his message saying “We are standing here in 4 years. It was chaotic time and everyday was so hard for us. I believe it is your faith in us which made us meet here again. This song is about our hearts that we want to deliver”. – ‘Fallen Leaves’ followed after his message.

The colour of fans’ lights changed when ‘Fallen Leaves’ which Junsu Kim wrote about JYJ’s new start begun. It was a touching moment of falling leaves after glamorous flowers with JYJ emotional vocals harmonized. The lights looked like flying cherry blossom fetal, and JYJ came to the stage again for fans’ demands for encore. With ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘Empty’, JYJ successfully finished its long-and-short journey for three days.

“I went to Korea two times to see JYJ, but it is entirely different feeling to see JYJ in Japan again. It’s not just about going to concert. I really thank for JYJ who didn’t give up and I’m also proud of ourselves that we’ve waiting so far. There is no artist and fan who share each other’s emotion like us. Really want to say huge thanks to JYJ”, said Ms. Aya among the audience.

The other fan Ms. Eriko also said that “We’ve been waiting for JYJ so long really desperately. This is the day we were dreaming. I couldn’t stop crying when I heard the news of this concert. Today is the day that everyone was missing and dreaming, so I won’t cry. I’ll remember every single moment with JYJ tonight”.

JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert was a ‘healing stage’ to soothe the hearts of the fans’ who waited for JYJ, who spent a time like a long dark tunnel more than anyone. If a selection of songs to communicate with audience and live performance that grabs the audience are more basic conditions than lighting and stage direction, JYJ sang its hope for ‘starting again’ with the stage that was faithful to the basics.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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