[Tokyo Dome Concert Review] JYJ’s strength that pierced 24,552 hours

[Tokyo Dome Concert Review] JYJ’s strength that pierced 24,552 hours

APR 05, 2013


[Billboard Korea Tokyo = Eun Ju Kim] ‘ずっと 一緒に’ (Be together for long)

50,000 white banners were fluttering between red lights. The welcome messages to greet JYJ who came back to Tokyo Dome in three years fluttered like blooming cherry blossoms around the centre of Japan. When the number 24552 appeared on the screen, JYJ came out.

JYJ stood at Tokyo Dome -the stage of dream – again. It’s the group’s 4th year and 24,552 hours past since they left the same stage. It was caused by the long aftermath of the legal disputes. JYJ made a contract with AVEX in FEB 2010 while it was having a lawsuit with SM Entertainment, the former management, but also faced another lawsuit after the both parties had conflicts in the range of the group’s activities. The seemed-to-be-endless lawsuits lasted 3 years. The group finally won the lawsuit to clarify invalidity of exclusive contact and demand compensation for damage against AVEX. About 7.8 billion won was also ruled as the compensation.

Tokyo Dome, JYJ’s comeback stage, is a special place for the group. The venue is only available for top artists in Japan and the three hit the stage as the first Korean singer at the Tokyo Dome when they were TVXQ. June 2010, they burst into tears at the same place as JYJ. As soon as the group finished the lawsuit against AVEX, JYJ chose Tokyo Dome for its comeback. The dome that is big enough to have 50,000 people was rented for 3 days in a row. It was not even weekend schedules. The decision based on confidence from stable popularity was bold as the presents for fans who were waiting for the group. JYJ became the 15 times more popular group compared to their first live tour in Japan ‘Heart, Mind and Soul’ in MAY 2006 which drew 15,000 audience in 7 cities.


The president (Mr. Okamoto) of Kyodo Yokohama, Japanese production company of Tokyo Dome Concert this time, said that “Drawing 150,000 people at once tells us that JYJ’s power hasn’t changed. The scale of the concert can be compared to Michael Jackson and JYJ’s group dance became more brilliant”.

Mr. Miura of Dentsu Music Entertainment also analyzed the secret of JYJ’s Tokyo Dome sold out as ‘Artist Power’. “Making all seats sold out right after the sales begun just proves the unimaginably great power. I think JYJ has something that draws peoples’ hearts”, he added.

JYJ also proved it on the stage too. The title of the album in 2011 ‘In Heaven’, ‘Boy’s Letter’ written for fans and ‘Rainy Blue’ from the past Japanese song when they did as TVXQ too all delivered fantastic harmony with the group’s 10th year since debut.

The long 3-years gab could not catch up with JYJ. A long wait made the group mature, blocking in Japan opened the new bridge to Asia, Europe and others. As if an eagle earns his wings, JYJ drew 210,000 people in 15 cities including Europe, South and North America with JYJ World Tour in 2011-2012. The three members became the first Korean male singer who had solo concert in Spain, Germany, Chile and Peru.


As an individual, the time made all three members ensure personal improvement. Junsu Kim released his first solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ in MAY last year and successfully finished world tour in 6 Asian countries and 5 North/south America as the first solo male singer in each country. Jaejoong Kim also sold 140,000 copies(management’s count) of his first mini album and released re-package album ‘Y’ too. Yuchun Park was outstanding in Drama field. With KBS ‘SKK Scandal’ as a first step, MBC ‘Miss Ripley(2011), SBS ‘Rooftop Prince(2012) and MBC ‘I Miss You(2013) all made a good success.

Ms. Eriko who we met at the dome told us that “JYJ understand the meaning of Japanese language really well and sings right with sympathy. It’s completely different to other ordinary K-POP singers who just memorises and sing the lyrics[without true understanding]. Above all, they sing really well and I like the talent that the three members have”.

The close friendship also gave strength to endure obstructs. “When we look back on the past 1,000 days, there were tough time but we were happy. There also were unexpected difficulties but we were able to learn more and grow up. We’ll keep running as much as the fans like the way we try hard.” Yuchun also added that “Our goal is to have activities together for a long time rather than making money and popularity. I want to sing when I’m old”. Jaejoong said to the fans before ‘Fallen Leaves’ that “It was so hard to come to Tokyo Dome and I believe there’ll be good days from now. We’ll do our best with your faith supporting us in a far distance”.

The last day of JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert with 26 songs was also able at cinemas in Japan too. 300,000 people applied for 150,000 tickets so special place was made for the fans who couldn’t come to. 113 screens at cinemas in Japan including Toho cinema and Warner Cinema provided the concerts too. 60,000 tickets were sold out and 10,000 more tickets were added.


Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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