[NEWS] JYJ holds Membership Week again with free fan services

[NEWS] JYJ holds Membership Week again with free fan services

APR 16, 2013



JYJ Membership Week, which made a record of the largest number of foreign visitors entred to Korea for a single event(7,024 people) last year, will be held again this year too.

“2013 JYJ Membership Week will be held for 4 days from June 27 to June 30 at SETEC. The event is fan service for JYJ membership holders organised by C-JeS and about 22,000 fans attended last year. This year will be also the best festival for fans”, C-JeS Entertainment announced.

The management continued, “Last year, JYJ Membership Week was highly reviewed as the case which made new direction of K-Wave culture contents aims fresh and well-communicated fan service. Also it was the one and only event that provided everything for free, excluded commercial sales and supported Japanese fans’ convenience with minimum budgets”.

Mr. Baek, CEO of C-JeS Entertainment, added that “We are confident that this big event is something that only we can do. Fan-meeting, Exhibition and other contents films are all free and there will be no MD sales [for commercial profit]. With fans’ great support, companies and public institutions suggested sponsorship and supports but we refused them all. For this period, we want the event to be the moment of true feelings that makes fans have precious memories and JYJ  delivers its loves and thanks to fans”.

The management’s staff commented that the last year’s budget was over 3.7 billion KRW and this year the company plans bigger budget including all expenses such as display SETEC with high technology exhibition, two times of fan meetings and support for fans coming from Japan.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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