[NEWS] JYJ Junsu Kim’s 8th Love House Built for Donation

JYJ Junsu Kim’s 8th Love House Built for Donation

June 14, 2013


‘Love House’, the project which is sponsored by Junsu Kim of the popular idol group JYJ has been completed again.

ADRA KOREA, international development organisation, announced that it has finished the construction of the 8th house of the ‘XIA Jusnu Love House’ on June 13.

The project is a social contribute activity which Junsu Kim is working with ADRA KOREA to help development of living condition for underprivileged neighbours such as disabled families or families with poor living condition. Junsu Kim has been donating for this since 2008 and the project is being carried out with his donation.

The 8th of the XIA Junsu Love House is a wooden house located in Moga-Myeon, Icheon-City, Gyeonggido with kitchen, bathroom, living room, study room and other necessary amenities. Ms. Park, who was bringing up her young children by herself at an old house with poor environment, now has the new house with Junsu Kim’s donation.

Love Hose Project takes its own evaluation based on local council’s recommendation and field research to decide who is appropriate for a new house. A house is built by Junsu Kim’s donated money and work of volunteers. It is known that about 100 volunteers took part in the construction of the house.

The celebration ceremony of the house were held on June 12 with the mayor of Icheon City, Director of ADRA KOREA, volunteers and other neighbours together. Especially the parents of Junsu Kim attended too. Ms. Park’s family members also found smiles on their faces in a long time.

Mr. Kim, father to Junsu Kim, commented that “It is very meaningful that the family now has new living foundation with help of so many people’s warm love. Junsu was also really pleased to hear the news. We’ll do our best to be the family who can share happiness and love for other neighbours too”.

Junsu Kim is known to donate in both Korea and overseas too. He built a school in Cambodia in 2011 and has been working for other contribution to support poor neighbours’ unstable living condition.

ADRA is one of noted NGO with UN’s General Consultative Status earned in 1997. UN Economic and Social Council recognises ADRA as its advisory body and about 4,000 activists are working for fundamental education, disaster relief, economic development, food security and essential heath in 120 countries.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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