[NEWS] Junsu Kim expresses his affection for JYJ – “Will share friendship as ever”

Junsu Kim expresses his affection for JYJ – “Will share friendship as ever”

20 June, 2013


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Junsu Kim of JYJ covers the Special Edition of Marie Claire the fashion magazine and performed well-match of sensuous clothing and intense gaze for the shooting.

On the interview, he expressed his ambitions saying “I learned a lot from the experience I’ve been through for the last 10 years and it’ll control over the rest of my life. I want to be a singer who can do the music desired at that time even I get older, while keeping my own music style as well”.

“I’ll still be sharing friendship with my JYJ members even deeper than now after time goes by”,
Junsu described his words for JYJ too. [Translator’s note: Junsu actually said more that he would share friendship with the members when he ages over 40 just like the Japanese group ‘Gospellers’, wants to get on well with all of the families of the 3 members when they get older.]

For his new solo album he mentioned that it’d be hot-summer-party like album with more various genres as he wanted to make better than the first album.

He thanked for fans too – “I think now it’s the time that I need to repay the fans for the love they’ve given us for the last 4~5 years while we are doing as JYJ, not the time to want  more popularity. I would like to sing with my heart, just as much as I feel happy to sacrifice myself when I’m the musician – Junsu Kim and XIA”.

His genuine interview is available on the July issue of Marie Clarie.
[Translator’s note: Junsu Kim is the first-ever male cover model in this magazine’s history]

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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