JYJ – Why can’t we see this fine idol on TV?

JYJ – Why can’t we see this fine idol on TV?
Aug 06, 2013


[OSEN=Ga Yi YOON Reports]
‘Why can’t we see JYJ on music programmes despite of the fact that we can see the members on dramas and documentary narration?’

You probably wonder when you would actually be able to JYJ’s vocals and performances on Music Bank, Music Core and Ingy Gayo. We still can find no trace of JYJ on any entertainment programmes, including the major 3 music shows. There have been no changes of the situation since Fair Trade Commissions (hereinafter KFTC) gave SM Entertainment and Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry the correction order, not to interfere in JYJ’s activities. It must have disappointed the fans and C-JeS Entertainment, and of course the members of JYJ the most, as all expected any slightest way of going through TV appearance.

Yuchun Park and Jaejoong Kim continuously have appeared on dramas of major broadcasters. While Junsu Kim was focusing on musical career, the two have grown as dark horses of TV screen after getting leading roles of the dramas of major broadcasting companies. Also it was announced that Jaejoong Kim would take part in narration of MBC Special Documentary ‘Zoo is Alive 2’ to be aired on Aug 12. Junsu Kim also did the narration of its first series in Mar.

Actually broadcasting companies’ cultural and drama stations have no regulations on JYJ’s appearances. Especially in the case of dramas that are made by outsourcing productions, productions and broadcasters do not hesitate to cast JYJ members. They rather highly value the group’s influence because it has broad fan-base around the worlds, which helps dramas’ international promotion. There is no difference to offer and discuss about the members’ cast just like other actors.

Cultural stations have similar stance. MBC Documentary Special has had great result from promotion after Junsu Kim and Jaejoong Kim took part in narration as the two are well-known-animal-lover. Also viewers’ rating increase so the cast of JYJ is the best choice the staff can have.

However, entertainment departments are not generous with JYJ’s appearance at all. There has been hardly any chance to see the group on any entertainment programmes since 2010 when it made the new group after leaving TVXQ. No music programme allows appearances when it releases new albums and even the group never has had a chance to promote its members’ dramas on talk shows – very typical way of promotion when an idol member appears on dramas. Fans are pouring huge numbers of request on broadcasters’ website to see JYJ on the related programmes, but they have not listened so far.

Even after KFTC’s order, they just do not bat an eyelid. The entertainment departments of SBS, KBS and MBC are saving their breath about the possibilities of JYJ’s TV appearance. Recently we [OSEN] enquired about the future plans of JYJ’s appearance to high-ranking officials such as heads of department, but their replies were all so under-reacting and noncommittal.

Meanwhile, Junsu showed outstanding vocal and performance in front of approximately 20,000 fans at his Seoul concerts of the 2nd Asia tour from Aug 3 to Aug 4. Fans expressed their regrets saying – how can we not see this amazing performance on music programmes?

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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One thought on “JYJ – Why can’t we see this fine idol on TV?

  1. they are so pathetic to be bowing down to bullies. They should learn to be brave lke JYJ who hhave continuously fought for what they believed in andd what is right for four straight years

    I just want to say to allt he stations – GROW A PAIR!!

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