[NEWS] Jaejoong Kim to be awarded Best Song for K-Drama at 2013 SDA

[NEWS] Jaejoong Kim to be awarded Best Song for K-Drama at 2013 SDA

AUG 27, 2013


Jaejoong Kim, the member of the group JYJ, has been awarded to Best Song for Korean Drama. The singer will be receiving the prize at the National Theartre in Jang-Choong Dong, Seoul on Sep 05.

Jaejoong Kim played his role passionately on MBC SAT/SUN Series ‘Dr. Jin’ as Gyeong-Tak Kim last year. The theme song of the drama ‘Living but like Dreaming’ drew a lot of popularity when it was released as No.1 on MelOn OST chart as well.

A relate staff told that “His great singing ability and the depth of emotion made the music the most suitable for the drama. Especially he showed off his musical talent and ability as he took part in its lyrics and contributed a lot for the song to express the drama’s love story”.

“Because I actually acted on the drama myself, I could understand the characters’ feeling well so it made me express well when I wrote the lyrics and sang the song. I really appreciate for many people who loved not only the drama but also OST”, Jaejoong commented.


225 dramas of 48 countries entred for the 8th Seoul Drama Awards and the awards will be held at the Haeorum Thearter of the National Theatre of Korea. Aired live on MBC and Youtube internationally.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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