[NEWS] JYJ plans to resume group activity next year

JYJ plans to resume group activity next year

Sep 28, 2012


The group JYJ is expected to continue current individual activities for the rest of this year and resume its activities as the whole group from the next year.
JYJ planned to release the new album in this summer or autumn in 2 years since ‘In Heaven’ in 2012, but decided to continue the current movement – as the all three members’ individual activities have made brilliant figures.


Jaejoong Kim is working for his first full-track album at the end of October and expected to boost the album industry which is having a good mood currently. He sold about 200,000 copies in total with his first mini-album and repackage album.

Junsu Kim will end his journey for Asia Tour in October and return to musical stage in December. The unequalled musical star will be singing the song of Gwang Seok Kim (1964~1996) on his fourth musical – ‘December: Song Without Ends’.
[Translators Note: Junsu will not appear as Gwang Seok Kim. The musical is based on Gwang Seok Kim’s songs, not his personal life. The story will be a once-in-lifetime love story in 1990s and Junsu’s Character name is know as Ji-Wook, university student.]

The musical is staged on the Grand Theartre of Sejong Centre for Performing Arts in Seoul and the film director Jin Jang is working as musical director this time. What record he will achieve is also one of interesting factor of his appearance. The industry is already expecting his ticket-selling power as his ‘Mozart!’, ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Elisabeth’ were all sold out on the day of sale.

The last will be decorated by Yuchun Park. He is having debut on screen for the first time with the film ‘Haemu’.
[Translator’s note: ‘Haemu’ can be directly translated as Sea Fog, but English title hasn’t been known yet as Haemu is also tentative title at the moment.]

The film is a story about sailors on a smuggler ship and he is expected to show a bit dark and strong character with completely different image with high expectations. The first shooting is soon to be started.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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2 thoughts on “[NEWS] JYJ plans to resume group activity next year

  1. I’m glad that they have released this statement. I want to believe it. They have issued statements of their intentions before which have not materialized so I guess my mood upon hearing this is one of cautious optimism. I WANT JYJ to be a group again! There’s nothing I want more than that.

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