Oct 07, 2013: JYJ NEWS Sellection

Oct 07, 2013: JYJ NEWS Sellection 

1. Incheon Asiad Song ‘Only One’ Music Video Making Film by JYJ}

2014 Incheon Asian Games Organization Committee revealed JYJ’s making film for Incheon Asiad Song.


2. 19th Korean Musical Awards

18th’s Best Actor Winner Junsu Kim will attend as a presenter.
He’s expected to be on the stage with Joo Hyun Ok, 18th’s Best Actress Winner.

[TV Teaser of 19th Korean Musical Awards]

If Junsu wins the most popular actor this year, it’ll be another record to win the prize 4 years in a row. Good luck tonight XD

3. Sneak a peek : Junsu’s poster shooting for the new Musical ‘December’!

813574481 813574417
Uploaded by Feiyue Korea’s Facebook

4. Jaejoong Kim’s 1st full-track album hit No.1 in six ranges on Japan Rakuten

According to C-JeS, Jaejoong’s first solo full-track album made the 1st rank among all products on Rakuten, Japan’s on-line shop. The album ranked No.1 on Women’s most purchased product, CD/DVD, Women’s most purchased CD/DVD, CD, ASIA and K-POP section.
Original: http://bit.ly/16sFkVT

5. Yuchun’s Film ‘Haemu (Sea Fog)’ started filming on Oct 06.
Jun Ho Bong (Direcor of ‘Memoris of Murder’, ‘The host’, ‘Snowpiercer’) said the shooting is mostly being taken at Busan, Ulsan and Masan which are southern part of Korea.

Original: http://bit.ly/18JjSLS

Just wanted a quick summary for today’s news. XD

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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