[Preview] Jaejoong “JYJ is my all – Strengthens me just as it is”

Jaejoong “JYJ is my all – Strengthens me just as it is”

Oct 20, 2013

Original: http://bit.ly/1awYBmy

Jaejoong Kim showed unique charms with extreme makeover on his new photo shoots editorial.
The singer took the pictorial with the fashion magazine ‘Esquire’ before he releases the 1st regular album soon.

The preview of his photoshoots showed his charisma and mysterious faces with a leather jacekt, coat and suit. He also showed tattoos with bare upper body.

“He is a perfect subject for photography. It seemed that his every cells knew how to move even before his brain’s order. There were no cuts to waste”, a photoshoot staff added.

On the interview after the shoots, he revealed the stories about the new album, music, acting, love and others. – “I feel my age is meaningless. I like myself this moment. As time goes on, I realise that happiness is just to put myself down sometimes, and express myself like I do now.”  

“JYJ is everything just as the three of us to be together. It strengthens me just with existence.”

His new photoshoots will be revealed on the November issue of Esquire and his new solo album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why’ on Oct 29. ‘2013 Jaejoong Kim 1st Album Asia Tour will be followed.



Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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