[NEWS] JYJ ends legal dispute with AVEX in 4 years

JYJ ends legal dispute with AVEX in 4 years

16th FEB, 2014


(Seoul, Yonhap News)
The group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park, Junsu Kim) finished the legal dispute with AVEX, the former Japanese management in 4 years.

“C-Jes(JYJ) and AVEX agreed to close all legal dispute occurred between the two parties. C-JeS (JYJ) and AVEX will not interfere with each other’s activities”, announced by C-Jes Entertainment (hereafter referred as C-JeS), the management of JYJ, announced on its website on FEB 12.


JYJ made an exclusive contract with AVEX in FEB 2010 after the Korean court accepted the injunction to invalidate exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, the former management in SEP 2009.

However, AVEX unitarily suspended the contract in SEP 2010 due to the conflicts of the both sides’ opinion for range of activities. C-JeS also notified AVEX of cancellation of the contract and continued the group’s activities in Japan.

Afterwards AVEX continuously insisted on its exclusive right for JYJ’s activities in Japan and JYJ proceeded lawsuit to prohibit AVEX from interfering activities and claim for damages. In JAN 2013, Tokyo District Court ordered that AVEX cannot insist its right for JYJ’s management and pay 660 million Yen (approx 7.8 billion KRW) as compensation for damage.
AVEX lodged an appeal to this order and Tokyo High Court has reached the agreement this month.

The CEO of C-JeS commentated “We appreciate that Japanese judiciary’s order to guarantee JYJ’s activities at the first trial and agreement of the second. Now we finished all legal conflicts related to JYJ’s activities in Japan. We hope the group will be able to have more opportunities to meet the fans in Japan as now JYJ’s activities are now legally guaranteed too”.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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