[INFO] Press release for arresting blackmailer (C-JeS)

[INFO] Press release for arresting blackmailer (C-JeS)

MAR 12, 2014


Greetings from C-JeS Entertainment.

This is to clarify the company’s official stance about the today’s news reported that the person ‘Kim’ was arrested for a charge of threatening with the private information from a lost mobile phone of Yuchun Park’s acquaintance.

The arrested ‘Kim’ obtained the mobile phone and illegally extracted personal information from it. She found Yuchun among the contents, and threatened to sell it to the press or leak on the internet. She demanded 100 million KRW in return of not leaking it.

We, the management company of the artist, immediately requested police investigation to the related authorities as 1) it is a serious crime to abuse personal information which is illegally extracted from a lost property, 2) there was nothing to hide about the contents she threatened with. As 100 million KRW is highly expected to be serious some of money, the police arrested the accused and forwarded the case to the prosecutor’s office immediately.

The lost mobile phone was someone else’s belonging and Yuchun did not know about details of the case as he was on filming and other schedules.

Regarding this incident, we hereby request the media to refrain either further reports or over-interpretation because reporting itself can be considered as cooperation with the crime.

In case of wrong reports based on rumors or invasion of privacy, it will be inevitable for us to take proper legal actions in order to protect the artist’s privacy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

======== END OF PRESS RELEASE===========

*For your information, the details of police report are as below: 

– On FEB 25, the arrested ‘Kim’ (age: 30 / female) obtained a lost mobile phone of Yuchun’s acquaintance ‘A’.
– She threatened the company, saying she’d sell the photos & texts to press or leak on the internet unless ‘A’ don’t give her 100 million KRW. (abt 93,000 USD)
– C-JeS reported the police about this immediately as there was nothing to hide about the contents, and ‘A’ went to meet ‘Kim’, pretending negotiation on FEB 26.
– The police was on stand-by at the location where the two met, and ‘Kim’ was caught in the act and sent to detention on FEB 28.


Therefore no more unconfirmed stories should be made as it also can be considered to help the crime which is under prosecutor’s hands at the moment.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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