[NEWS] ‘Butterfly Effect’ blown by Junsu Kim’s Butterfly Badge

[NEWS] ‘Butterfly Effect’ blown by Junsu Kim’s Butterfly Badge

APR 13, 2014



[PIC] Last February : JYJ Junsu Kim wearing a Nabi[Korean word for ‘Butterfly’] Badge
at the musical <December> Daegu performance
(Picture from the fan ‘Lavender[Nickname]’)

 [Oh My Star – Mina LEE / Correspondent]
Normally the word ‘Butterfly Effect’ is often used when your small action causes a significant difference later. And this effect came to the real worlds, to the victims of the enforced sex slaves for the Japanese army during the World War II – a butterfly returned with a huge love for the victims in the history: Simply can be called as ‘butterfly effect’

The one who caused this effect was Junsu Kim, the member of JYJ. After great achievement from his previous musicals: <Mozart!>, <Tears of Heaven> and <Elisabeth>, he performed in <December> which was inspired by Gwang-Seok Kim’s songs. As usual, a lot of fans came to see his performance.

One day, something different thing got the fans’ attention. Last February at <December> in Daegu, a badge formed butterfly was on Junsu’s suit collar. The badge was made by a school club at Gwangmyeong Girls’ High School, to help the victims of Korea’s enforced sex slaves for the Japanese army during the World War II.

Fans were deeply touched by the meaning of the badge, and someone suggested a group purchase for Nabi Badge. “The Nabi Badge is small, but has a huge meaning not only for the victims of enforced slavery by Japanese army, but also for every woman who was suffered from the war all over the worlds. So we decided to purchase together with fans of Junsu and JYJ who were moved by this meaning”, commented the fan ‘Souffle[Nicname]’ who suggested this in the first place.

Approximately 7,000 badges were sold by this suggestion. The fans made a volume purchase of un-packed badges and sent each one of them to the each buyer after packing by themselves.
‘Souffle[Nicname]’ explained that “We heard that kind-hearted teenage girls voluntarily gathered to pack and send the badge by post after the school hours and profit is donated to ‘Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan War’. We just wanted to help the students for less work and support the good campaign”.


[PIC] Last February : JYJ Junsu Kim wearing a Nabi[Korean word for ‘Butterfly’] Badge
at the musical <December> Daegu performance
(Picture from the fan ‘Lavender[Nickname]’)

The result was huge. The school club donated 7,150,000 KRW[approx USD6,881] on the name of Junsu Kim’s fans to the Council. The council was surprised by such big amount and the Director (Mi Hyang Yoon) thanked for Junsu fans on her SNS too.

There was invisible achievement too. ‘Souffle’ expressed that “Personally I’m so happy that many people seem to have more interests in Nabi Campaign after this. The progress gave me a lot of experience and meaningful time”. According to her, many fans who participated in this campaign are also giving out badges to other people and sharing its meaning. Without doubts, the sense of such accomplishment in this great work should be their own only.

The school club was also deeply touched by this. The teacher in charge commented that “I really appreciate the fans’ kindness to pack the badges by themselves for about a month after buying a big volume, just to help the students’ works for packing. The students were also really grateful as the famous celebrity got such interests in this campaign and learned about big effect of their works. It takes a long time for delivery as the packing and post are done by the hands of the students so we also appreciate for their patience to receive the badges. I think this also can make the students learn what donation is, after experiencing this kind of effect in person”.

Lastly, the fan ‘Souffle’ commented that “I hope we could add more happiness and share other’s difficulties by following Junsu who always helped other people in silence with his own belief. The important thing is consistence interest, not showing-off”. Just to add, she is planning to donate for Cats Protection Campaign. It was motivated by the fact that Junsu has 3 cats. Also Junsu’s appointment as ambassador of Goyangsi also drew fans’ attention. [The mascot of Goyansi is a ‘Cat’, inspired by the similarity of pronunciation from a Korean word ‘Goyang-i’ which means ‘Cat’.]

We would like to cheer the people who take part in ‘life living together’ and send regards to the 40 students who willingly work for Nabi Badge during their busy school life, started after attending ‘Wednesday Demonstration for the resolution of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery’. Also we hope the heart of Junsu Kim and his fans could be delivered to more people, just like Junsu putting the badge at the curtain call after receiving it as a gift and the fans followed him to bring its meaning to the real world – so that our painful history can be healed just a little.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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