[ENG Trans] Official- Regarding original singer of ‘Seems I love you(사랑하나봐)’ remake incident

[ENG Trans] Official- Regarding original singer of XIA’s ‘Seems I love you’

June 02, 2014


Greetings from JYJ Official account.

We hereby confirm that Junsu Kim is the original singer of ‘Seems I Love You[directly translated/can be I’m in love]’, that is currently promoted as SBS Drama’s OST by Seung-Cheol Lee.

On May 27, the songwriter Hae Sung Jeon informed us that Mr. Seung Cheol Lee would cover [commonly called re-make in Korea] the song which was registered as Junsu Kim’s 2nd Album’s copyrights. The release date was informed as June 05. We gladly agreed because we considered it as a process to cover the song upon the original singer’s approval in advance even though a right to use the song surely belongs to its songwriter.

However, the song was aired on MAY 29, 2 days after their notice, as a sound track on TV. And the next day, OST production released press release as the song is Mr. Lee’s new song without credits.

Due to failure of our promise to make credit of the original singer[Junsu Kim], we officially complained to the production on May 30. The company apologised us as well as SBS Promotion Team and informed us that its press release would be revised.
(Some reporters released articles saying that Junsu Kim is the original singer after checking with the production by themselves as they had already heard the original song on Junsu Kim’s album and concert.) However, official press releases still have not been released yet.

Furthermore, the official tweeter account of Seoug Cheol Lee* insisted that Junsu Kim is not the original singer of the song as Mr. Lee considered it for his album first**. Naturally, it is public’s rightful efforts to let other people know that there is the original singer exists because they are the one who knew the fact and loved the song as Jusnu Kim(XIA)’s song.

This incident was caused because no news or official SNS  related to this covered song stated the original credit after the song was aired on TV. We did not insist that we own the song and its full rights. All we requested was that the production would confirm that there is the original song exists and it’s officially registered as a track of Junsu Kim’s 2nd album on Korea Music Copyright Association.

As the management agency, we requested several times about this and neither claimed its ownership nor raised objection to Mr. Lee’s new song.
Therefore we hereby request the songwriter and the OST production would correct the fact so that both singers’ fans would not be confused anymore.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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[*@Official_LSC: followed by Seung Cheol Lee himself & his management company too, named as Lee Seung Cheol Official Account, It seems that one of fan-club member runs it with approval]

[** ‘Seems I Love You’ is officially registered copyright with XIA 2nd album ‘Incredible’. But this so-called official tweeter of Lee sent direct message to JYJ fans, threatening that fans would better remain silent because Lee ‘considered’ the song to put his album couple of a years ago first. But who is the one who actually sang the song and put it on the album with official copyright? Just because he’s a big senior in the industry, it doesn’t mean that he can use other young singer’s songs without any credits. ]

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