[NEWS] JYJ appointed as ambassador for 7th World Water Forum 2015

JYJ appointed as ambassador for 7th World Water Forum 2015 

June 17, 2014


JYJ has been appointed as honorary ambassador for World Water Forum.

“In order to raise the forum’s awareness and promote abroad before the next year’s forum, we appointed the global star JYJ for our ambassador. With the group’s reputation, we’ll encourage people to know how precious water is and save water as well”, announced by 2015 World Water Forum Organising Committee.


JYJ has done its duty as ambassador for many national events such as 2011 UNAIDS Aisa-Pacific, 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, 2012 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo, 2014 Asian Games and more. The group is also leading social contribution as a celebrity by personal donation and its continuous donation campaign.

Especially JYJ received the commendation from the Minister for Knowledge Economy after achievement as the top K-Wave star in wide range of the industry. The group was the first to receive commendation in entertainment industry.

Mr. Jeong Moo Lee, the Head of the organising Committee, commented that “We’re highly expecting successful forum and it can boost Korea to be one of the leading countries for saving water with JYJ’s activities”.

JYJ will be officially appointed as the ambassador on June 19, at D-300 Event for World Water Forum.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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