Full Statement for JYJ excluded from Asian Games Ceremony (C-JeS)

Full Statement for JYJ excluded from Asian Games Ceremony (C-JeS)

01 July, 2014


Feb 2013, JYJ was appointed as official ambassador for 2014 Incheon Asian Games. At the press conference of appointment ceremony, the organising committee of Incheon Asian Games stated that “We appointed JYJ, the noted group in Asia in order to boots the event’s awareness and international promotion all over Asia”.

We, C-JeS Entertainment, made service contract in the form of written agreement as official ambassador with the organising committe’s PR company. The agreement includes the conditions that 1) organising committee agrees with JYJ in advance for any events related to Asian games and 2) JYJ will be the top priority when cast any Korean singers for opening/closing ceremony and other conferences for international press”. Furthermore, the head of the committe and PR staff promised JYJ’s appearance at finale stage for opening/closing ceremony.

After agreement, JYJ aggressively participated in promoton for Incheon Asian Games by releasing ‘Only One’, the official theme song, filming its Music Video and official CF, attending showcase in Vietnam and Guangzhou. The event planned in the Philippines was cancelled due to tragic typhoon.

And at the meeting with the organising committee of Asian Games last month, they asked us whether JYJ could attend the press conference with the ceremony’s director and we confirmed it would be possible after adjusting other schedules. However, there was no further discussion and somehow we did not even hear anything about today’s press conference.

During current phone calls, the committee said there was nothing finalised for direction. But today they released press release saying ‘Big stars will appear for Asian Game opening/closing ceremony’ and did not metion anything about JYJ, the official ambassador. Also the reply was not about stage order based on confirmed appearance but even the appearance itself is under discussion.

The organasing committee of Incheon Asian Games promised the finale stage of opening/closing ceremony. A couple of months ago they informed us that there might be collaboration with PSY at the finale stage and we took it as an honor considering that he is such representing artist of the country.

The Incheon Asian Games must fulfill its promise with us. If it is a public organisation established for the public good, it must keep its honor and loyalty. No one would understand the situation that JYJ is excluded from conference for opening/closing ceremony after the committee promoted JYJ as  the official face of  Asian Games to 4 billion people in Asia.

It will be nothing more than covering up the heaven with your palm if it blames a certain staff or gives excuse saying appearance at before ceremony can also fulfill the agreement. In a common-sense point of view, it is not acceptable to anyone if the singer who sang the event’s official song and worked for more than 1 year to promote Asian Games would only be before ceremony.

As you may have well known, we were cancelled the day before event when JYJ worked for Jeju Ireland’s ambassador. It was even after we received the cue sheet of the performance and booked flight to Jeju. There was no proper explanation and we filed official complaint to Korea Fair Trade Commissions and it was officially confirmed as unfair breach caused by external pressure. Even KFTC ordered to stop interference in JYJ’s activities.

At the meeting held in last May, we clearly stated to the committee that JYJ went through so many difficult incidents caused by external pressure and concerned about it would happen again at Asian Games. We even delivered our position that we were not willing to accept the offer if the committee could not fulfill its promise. Because such incidents not only hurt JYJ but also many fans in Korea and other countries as well. The committee deplored the situation JYJ is in and made sure that it would never happen at Asian Games.

We sincerely hope many people can listen this unfairness, while hoping that the organising committee’s  breach of promise is not caused by the unfair external pressure which JYJ has gone through so far.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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