[NEWS] Yuchun Park Spends Birthday with Fans – Fan meeting on June 04

[NEWS] Yuchun Park Spends Birthday with Fans – Fan meeting on June 04

May 09, 2014


Yuchun Park, a singer and actor, will be celebrating his 29th birthday with fans on June 04.
“Yuchun will be meeting fans on June 04 for his birthday for the first time in Korea. He has not held any domestic event along while he’s working a lot as JYJ and an actor since his debut. So this year he decided to spend the birthday with fans who’s giving countless supports for him”, C-JeS Entertainment has announced.


Yuchun Park currently finished SBS WED/THU ‘3 Days’ as a president’s bodyguard (Taekyung Han) and got attracted the viewers with outstanding actions and harmony with Hyun Joo Son (as President).

The event will be held at KINTEX with approximately 6,000 seat and tickets are available at 20:00 on May 14, Interpark online.

Translated by: https://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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